Mission Statement

The purpose of our business is to help our clients save money. We do this in two ways:

First, in pre-litigation files, by providing accurate information and reliable opinions based on documented facts, we empower the client to make wise decisions.

Second, in litigated files, in addition to the above, by providing good common business sense and honest advice, we help the client manage the litigation process more efficiently.

Whether hiring an auto mechanic, plumber, attorney or expert, inefficiency due to mistakes and carelessness always costs more in the long run.

I believe Quality, Clarity, and Reliability allow our clients to proceed with confidence. We guarantee the reliability of our opinions through trial and remain successful after 27 years.

Peter R. Thom

As this business enters its 28th year it gives me great pleasure to hear comments from clients and others that our reputation is "the best in the industry". When a client says, "we called you because this is a million-dollar case" I realize that our hard work and steadfast adherence to common sense and integrity has paid off.

We have remained focused on our core business, specializing in automotive accident reconstruction and products liability, rather than diversifying into an organization that tries to provide "experts" in any and every discipline. Over the years we have attracted an incredible array of very talented engineers and Ph.D.s from the automotive industry. Some of them have been with the company since 1987, and they enjoy being members of the team because they value our corporate culture. And, going forward we continue to add Field Engineers across the country so as to provide more convenient and economical local service.

Our best use, given the caliber of our Associates, is on high exposure and litigated files. Our Associates are practicing professionals, not "professional experts", and as such, are far more credible in convincing a jury how an accident happened or in refuting an opposing party’s claim.

We realize that anything getting in the way of a case being resolved simply and quickly is not in the client's best interest and may end up being far more expensive. This may be due to something as simple as accidental misinformation from a confused witness or a perhaps not-so-confused participant.

We are committed to helping our clients pay the claims that should be paid based on the facts, not because someone is threatening or trying to bully them into paying; and deny those claims that should be denied with the confidence that should the matter go to trial that they will prevail.

We realize that civil litigation can be an inefficient process; but if it is unavoidable, it is a business where reasonable expectations, rational strategies and intellectual integrity will provide the best results over the long run. We are committed to helping our clients by advising our client and their attorney of the most efficient way to resolve the matter.

In mathematics, a straight line is defined as the shortest distance between two points, and the fastest and simplest way to get from Point A to Point B is to follow a straight line. If you think of Point A as the opening of a file and Point B as its closing, then the straight line is the most efficient and economical way to handle that claim. This "Straight Line" philosophy governs our work.

I thank you, our clients, for asking us to help you over these many years. We appreciate your support and confidence and wish to continue to be of service to you in the years to come. I am an engineer and a businessman; I believe in efficiency and a job done right the first time. It's always cheaper in the end.

Thank you,

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