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Associates have practical working experience in the automotive industry or related fields. Associates are members of the Society of Automotive Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Medical Association and other professional organizations. 

Associates Include:

Automotive Engineers and Ph.D.s from the automotive industry with practical working experience in design, development, testing and manufacturing. 

Specialists with experience in chassis, body, powertrain, suspension, brakes, tires, crash worthiness and occupant protection, automotive fuels, lubricants, trucks, off road vehicles, construction and heavy equipment. 

Univeristy Professors specializing in automotive related fields of vehicle dynamics, metallurgy, ceramics, electronics, controls, human factors, biomechanics and auto shop practices. 

Accident Reconstructionists

Civil Engineers specializing in highway design 

Medical Doctors specializing in accident-related trauma analysis

Police Officers and Fire Investigators

Partial Associate Listing

with sample Curricula Vitae

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