Associates have practical working experience in the automotive industry or related fields. Associates are members of the Society of Automotive Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Medical Association and other professional organizations.

Associates Include:
  • Automotive Engineers and Ph.D.s from the automotive industry with practical working experience in design, development, testing and manufacturing.
  • Specialists with experience in chassis, body, powertrain, suspension, brakes, tires, crash worthiness and occupant protection, automotive fuels, lubricants, trucks, off road vehicles, construction and heavy equipment.
  • University Professors specializing in automotive related fields of vehicle dynamics, metallurgy, ceramics, electronics, controls, human factors, biomechanics and auto shop practices.
  • Accident reconstructionists
  • Civil Engineers specializing in highway design.
  • Medical Doctors specializing in accident-related trauma analysis.
  • Automotive dealership service technicians
  • Police officers and fire investigators


With sample Curricula Vitae

James Adams, B.S.E.E. Electrical, Auto Repair, Mechanics
Glenn F. Amsberry, B.A. Auto Mechanics
Joel Amundson, B.S.I.T. Auto Repair, Mechanics, Trucks, Suspension
Aron C. Arnold, B.S.M.E. Occupant Protection, Air Bags
Thomas E. Atchley, B.S. Auto Repair, Mechanics
Guy R. Babbitt, Ph.D. Power Train
Stephen J. Baker, Bachelor of Automobile Enginering Automotive Engineering, Motorcycles
Jamie J. Berndt, B.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics
Jerome C. Bernhoft, M.D. Orthopedics
Erwin R. Boer, Ph.D. Human Factors
Joe Bollinger, B.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics
Richard J. Bremer, M.S.E.E. Electronic Systems, Electrical Engineering
Bret W. Butler, Ph.D. Engineer, Fire Science
John P. Carden, B.S.M.E., J.D. Auto Repair, Restoration
David A. Catano, B.S. Fire Cause & Origin
Dalia Cordoba, B.S.C.E Highway Design, Traffic Engineering
Dr. John C. Comer, Ed.D. Mechanical Repair
Anthony Corrado, B.S.M.E Occupant Protection
Richard T. Crisenbery, B.S. Automotive Engineering, Power Train
Terry G. Crossett, B.S.M.E. Automotive Engineering, Power Train
Grant Cusick, B.A. Auto Mechanics
Charles A. Darsey, B.A. Auto Shop Practices, Brakes
Matt Decker, B.S.M.E. Automotive Engineering, Motorcycles
William T. Deininger, USAFI Auto Shop Practices, Trucks
Stanley J. Demster, B.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics, Electrical Systems
Al Diaz, JR., B.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics
Edward J. Dibbin, B.S.M.E., J.D. Automotive Engineering, RVs, Trailers, Towing
Professor Robert W. Donoho, Ph.D. Automotive Design, Vehicle Dynamics
Thomas A. Doyle, M.S.A.E. Automotive Design, Manufacturing
Herb Edwards, B.S.M.E. Automotive Design, Auto Repair
Gabriel Elias, B.S.M.E. Automotive Engineering, Racing
Matthew Engquist, B.S.M.E. Aeronautics, Mechanics
Matt Feeney, B.S.A.E., Auto Repair, Mechanics
Jesse Field, B.S.M.E. Vehicle Design, Automotive Engineering
James Fowler, B.S.E. Highway Design
Donald Gabrielson, B.S.M.E., J.D. Auto Repair, Heavy Equipment
John Galloway Auto Repair, Mechanics
Bryan Ganitano, B.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics
John D. Garman, Ph.D. Auto Mechanics, Combustion, Emissions, Fuels
Glen A. Garrettson, B.S.M.E. Automotive Engineering
David H. Geloneck, M.S.S.E. Computer-Based Processes
Tony Gioutsos, M.S.E.E. EDR & Sensors
Sheldon Gott, B.S.M.E. Automotive Engineering, Motorcycles
Professor Jose J. Granda, Ph.D. Vehicle Dynamics, Accident Reconstruction
Tony Gioutsos, M.S.E.E. EDR & Sensors
Roderick R. Guerry, B.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics
Raymond Hagemann, B.S.M.E. Accident Reconstruction, Auto Repair
Raymond J. Haka, M.S.M.E. Transmissions
Vernell M. Hance, B.S.M.E. Accident Reconstruction, Auto Repair, Fires, Fuels and Lubricants
Curtis Hanson, B.S.M.E. Automotive Engineering
John H. Harlow, B.S.M.E. Automotive Design, Powertrain
Bernard L. Harris, B.S.M.E. Fasteners, Transmissions, Hydraulics
David W. Henderson, B.S.E.E. Auto Repair, Restoration
Patrick Hong, M.S.A.E. Automotive Design, Aerodynamics
David D. Horchler, B.S.E.E. Accident Reconstruction, Vehicle Dynamics, Failure Analysis
Mark S. Howarth, Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering
Byron Hsu, M.S. Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering
Richard L. Janney, B.S.M.E. Trucks
Fred L. Jenkins, B.S.E.S. Heavy Equipment, Auto Repair
Martin F. Johns, B.S.M.E. Tires, Vehicle Dynamics
Michael S. Jones, B.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanic
Matthew J. Kandarappallil, M.S.S.E. Automotive Engineering
Professor Edward L. Keller, Ph.D. Vision
Cory C. Kimball, B.S.M.E. Motorcycles, Auto Mechanics
Alfred Kirby, M.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics
Westin Knop, B.S.E. Auto Mechanics, Shop Practices
Raymond C. Kozak, B.S.M.E. Auto Mechanics, Vehicle Dynamics
George Landreth, B.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics, Motorcycles
Victor P. Laskorski, B.S.M.E.T. Auto Repair, Mechanics
Jan Lentowicz, B.S.I.E. Auto Mechanics
Katie P. Logsdon, M.S. Biomechanics, Human Factors
Timothy A. Logsdon, B.S.M.E. Automotive Engineering, Motor Sports
Stephen D. Longo, M.S.M.E. Vehicle Dynamics
Robert W. Lorimer, B.S.M.E. Failure Analysis, Military Vehicles
Judd M. Luchenbill, B.S.C.E. Surveying, Mechanics
John A. Lullo, B.S.M.E. Metallurgy, Failure Analysis
Philip Luk, B.S.M.E. Electric Vehicles, Auto Mechanics
Professor Donald L. Margolis, Ph.D. Vehicle Dynamics, Bicycles, Motorcycles
Scott M. Martin, M.S.A.E. Aerodynamics
Andres Martinez, B.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics
Thomas P. Mathues, B.S.M.E. Brakes, Vehicle Dynamics, Fuel Systems
Michael R. Mayben, B.S. Auto Repair, Mechanics, Motorcycles
Gil M. Menegus, B.S.M.E. Occupant Protection
Philip Middleton, B.Sc.M.E. Automotive Engineering, Auto Repair, Mechanics
Frank L. Miszczak, B.S.M.E. Engine Failure Analysis
George H. Morgan, M.S.M.E. Heavy Equipment
Rob Mullaney, B.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics
Josephy Murphy, M.S.A.T. Accident Reconstruction
Rory Murphy, B.S.M.E. Motorcycles
Thomas A. Musselman, B.S.M.E., B.S.E.E. Automotive Engineering, Chassis Design
Jason Oakes, B.S.M.E. Accident Reconstruction
Professor Brendan J. O'Toole, Ph.D. Metallurgy/Materials
John P. Pandosh, B.S.M.E. Fuels and Lubricants
Raplh N. Perkins, B.S.I.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics
Jason Provancher, M.S.M.E., MBA Vehicle Dynamics, Chassis
Eric C. Rantanen, B.S.M.E. Automotive Repair
A. A. Rehmann, Ph.D. Vehicle Dynamics, Stress Analysis
Nicholas J. Rinaldi, A.A. Auto Mechanics
Kevan R. Shafizadeh, Ph.D. Transportation Engineering and Systems
Jennifer H. Smith, M.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics
Lawrence Smythe, M.A. Human Factors, Safety
Peter Sonnenberg, Dipl. Ing. Automotive Engineering, Fuel Injection
Jose J. Soto, B.S.E.E. Auto Repiar
Professor John M. Starkey, Ph.D. Vehicle Dynamics, Stress Analysis
Gary L. Stebner, A.A. Auto Mechanics, Heavy Equipment, Trucks
Clifford M. Stover, M.S.E. Automotive Engineering
Gary Tabor, B.S.M.E. Steering, Suspension, Brakes
Tyler Thornbrue, B.S.I.T. Vehicle Design, Auto Repair, Mechanics
Michelle Tsai, B.S.M.E., M.S.BM.E. Biomechanics, Automotive Restraints
Mark S. Tuneff, B.S.M.E. Power Train
Scott Varnhagen, M.S.M.A.E Vehicle Dynamics, Automotive Engineering
John C. Wainwright, B.S.M.E. Seatbelts, Airbags
Christopher B. Wells, B.S.M.E. Auto Mechanics
Bruce A. Whiting, Ph.D. Auto Mechanics
Roger D. Wiley, B.S.M.E. Automotive Engineering, Gear Design
H. Martin Wilson, Jr. M.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechanics
William J. Woehrle, B.S. Physics Tires, Wheels, Manufacturing Processes
Stephen Wong, B.S.M.E. Automotoive Design
Myke J. Woodwell, B.S.M.E. Auto Repair, Mechancis, Trucks
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Associates have practical working experience in the automotive industry or related fields. Associates are members of the Society of Automotive Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Medical Association and other professional organizations.

Associates Include:

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