Event Data Recorder (EDR) Essentials

Description for insurance professionals: An automotive event data recorder (EDR) is nothing more than a metal-clad box of circuitry wired into a vehicle system like the airbags. There is little about its physical appearance that speaks of controversy, but there is much about its function that does because of EDR's usefulness to interested parties like regulators, law enforcement, insurance companies, and lawyers that exceeds its original implementation as a diagnostic tool. Attendees will learn answers to: What is EDR? Where do you find EDR in a vehicle? Are there other EDR platforms? What is crash data retrieval (CDR), and how does it work? In addition, discussion will include legal and regulatory trends that circumscribe EDR usage and the effects of EDR/CDR usage on the resolution of insurance claims and legal actions.

CPCU Credits: CPCUs attending this program will be awarded 1 point under the Continuing Professional Development Program for CPCUs. Certificate of Attendance issued.

Description for attorneys: Peter Thom and Associates offers an expanded version of Event Data Recorder (EDR) Essentials for legal professionals with an emphasis on legal issues and the ramifications of EDR use.

MCLE Credits: This presentation has been approved for MCLE credit by the State Bar of California.

Duration: One hour plus Q&A

Location: On site, client premises

AV: Projector, speakers and internet access

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