Peter R. Thom and Associates Inc. is a automotive forensic consulting and engineering firm providing failure analysis, accident reconstruction, and expert witness services. As a full service organization we combine the very best technical experts in the country with good common sense business management.

The company has 150 Specialists across the country in different areas of expertise: automotive engineers with practical industry experience in brakes, tires, fires, electronic data retrieval (EDR), and occupant protection, University Professors in vehicle dynamics and metallurgy, medical doctors and accident reconstructionists.

In over 27 years of business, Associates have investigated thousands of car, truck, bus, motorcycle, construction equipment, and machinery accidents and provided testimony in state and federal courts. The company serves the entire United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada. Services range from confidential consultations to thorough investigations supported by detailed technical analysis and expert testimony when necessary. For more information, please contact the corporate office.

A Nationwide Multi-Disciplinary Team of Automotive Consultants

1. Anchorage Highway Car Accident, Seatbelt and Helmet Usage
2. Hawaii Highway Design Analysis, Hydroplaning
3. San Francisco Suspension, Brake, and Steering Product Liability
4. Las Vegas Tire Metallurgical Failure Analysis
5. Detroit Airbag EDR Electronic Data Retrieval Download
6. Philadelphia RV Motorhome Tow Truck Towing Transmission Fire Causation
7. Little Rock Auto Accident Reconstruction with Bicycle, Pedestrian
8. Tampa Scene Inspection, Biomechanical and Human Factors Investigation
9. San Diego Construction Equipment, Off Road Vehicles Accident

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